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Tonypandy Riot 1911

Stude | 09.08.2011 09:29 | August Riots | Analysis | Policing | World

Theresa May making a fool of herself on the BBC prompted a phone call to BBC saying 1911 Tonypandy were followed in 1912 by the Minimum Wages Act.

The obvious way to stop the Riots is to kill Inflation. If the Coalition imbeciles are not prepared to learn how to do that from Sir Stafford Cripps, (1946) it is time too start a new political Party to pass a law saying that all the politicians and Economists who promoted inflation shall hang. They are Leninist infiltrators "If you want to destroy a country, first debauch its currency" so we can hang lots of Tories as Communist infiltrator traitors. Also plenty pf Labour politicians,

When inflation turns to hyperinflation it may not be necessary to take political action for that to happen. It would be better to have it formally done with Judges, black caps, and properly built gallows. Do not empower those self styled Anarchists.

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