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Seven Years of Captivity

Babar Ahmad | 07.08.2011 22:21 | Policing | Repression | Terror War | World

A heartrending poem from Babar Ahmad, the longest serving British prisoner held in the UK without charge.

Seven years ago this day
Walking to go home
Stopped by thieves on the way
With hearts hard like stone

They didn’t take a penny
But something worth much more
They robbed me of my liberty
And shut me behind a door

You are under arrest!
You have no right!
You are a terror suspect!
You won’t see daylight!

Taking me was not enough
They had to suck my blood
And cause pain to the ones I love
By rubbing my name in the mud

What crime had I done?
Whose right had I taken?
To be held up by a gun
And snatched for time forsaken?

Dragged to court before the world
Lawyers seethed and hissed
As their hatred was unfurled
Like I were a child rapist

You did that and you did this
You are an evil man
You will never get justice
Do whatever you can

Without a chance to say a word
Without a shred of evidence
Locked up like a caged bird
With no way to show innocence

Is this democracy
And the rule of law?
Or is it hypocrisy
And a type of war?

To smile and stab
To wink and kill
To nod and grab
To strike at will

Seven years on, no end in sight
Seven years of hope and fear
Seven years without a light
While the few who care are those who dare

But for my turn will I wait
Until I reach my goal
I am the master of my fate
I am the captain of my soul ...

Babar Ahmad A9385AG
HMP Long Lartin
5 August 2011

Babar Ahmad
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