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Second death in 3 days in UK migration prisons

one of no borders | 03.08.2011 10:09 | Migration | Repression | Oxford

Another man died in a UK migration prison yesterday, Tuesday 2 August. According to fellow prisoners at Campsfield IRC he killed himself rather than be deported. This follows the death at the weekend in Colnbrook IRC. How many more must die?

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Campsfield IRC: A man who was about to be deported killed himself on Tuesday morning 2nd August, at the privately run detention centre, according to fellow inmates. A fellow detainee, who refused to give his name, said the man had been hours away from being deported and had become very anxious. "When they put him in the room they were putting pressure on him saying he had no right to stay in this country. He was normally a very quiet person but the pressure is too much for people in here."

Inmates at Campsfield House IRC, which holds 200 asylum seekers and foreign prisoners, have staged a number of protests in the past over conditions at the centre and the policy of indefinite detention and forced returns. Last year about half of detainees went on hunger strike in protest against their treatment and the forced deportation of asylum seekers. In 2005 Kurdish teenager, Ramazan Kumluca, killed himself after spending more than four months in Campsfield.

Taylor,, Tuesday 2 August 2011

Home Office asked to comment, confirmed the death At Campsfield IRC, with an even curter response, than the one they gave for the death in

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