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Easy Way To Attack The Corporations

C. Aotic | 02.08.2011 22:00 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Policing

Thanks to Hakim Bey, an Eastern-travelling probably Buddhist inspired 'chaos magician', we have been left with a very good method to attack corporate power. It is simple, free, very difficult to prosecute, and in the hands of one with a good sense for words, extremely dangerous to them...

I got the idea from Le Gavroche. Have read Hakim Bey but it was Gavroche who put me onto it as a genuine method to fight the corporate oppression. If you find one of his books check it out, very interesting things he has to say about the system.

Anyhow, the idea is as follows;

Send curses to the corporations. A bottle of poison, snake venom, a dead shrivelled up scorpion and drawings of cursed figures on parchment.

Really this kind of communication could be anything. Suggest to whoever recieves the fax just to do something, to fight against their bosses. Oh, did I say fax? Yes right. See, sending letters is very expensive. If you want to make a parcel, be my guest. More hard work makes things more effective, I take God's word for it.

Anyhow, faxes are pretty easy to send - you can send them free online. Any kind of curse you want to put, just put it in a fax. There's nothing prosecutable about cursing people, and it's completely just so long as you aim it at the institution not at the individuals. These corporations are raping the planet after all, and if I saw my Mother being raped then I'd kill the guy! Ahem. I mean I'd, stand in the street with a placard having arranged it with the metropolitan police beforehand.

Right so, for example you could start with BAE systems. Their fax numbers can be found here;

And here;

Then move onto Shell, Nike, Monsanto, basically whoever you feel like striking fear into the heart of. Say whatever you want. Use an IP hider and they'll never catch you. Tor. Tor is the best of these I think, though the organisation 'Anonymous' are saying that certain countries can circumvent it. However I would say if you aren't sending anything which is like literally death threats, forget it, they probably won't catch you anyway and if they do - well, be a funny newspaper story won't it?

But of course, you don't want to pay to fax do you?

You can send them for free from -

About 10 a day. You need to give an email address, but I wouldn't freak out.

So what are waiting for? Fight the revolution, maybe wake some people up and get them moving, all from the comfort of your own computer.


C. Aotic