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Hands Off Libya! Street rally Saturday 6 August

Fight racism! Fight imperialism! | 02.08.2011 11:39 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism

On 19 March 2011 the British state, along with France and the US, began bombing Libya. This is the 46th separate British military operation in North Africa and the Middle East since the end of the Second World War. By 13 July Libyan sources said that NATO was responsible for killing 1,108 people with its airstrikes and wounding another 4,500.


Imperialism out of North Africa and the Middle East!

Street rally Saturday 6 August 1-3pm Stratford E15

Meet outside Wilkinson’s store, 78-102 Broadway, Stratford London E15 1NG. Nearest tube/overground – Stratford. Location map:

The attack on Libya is nothing to do with democracy or humanitarianism. It is designed to preserve the imperialist nations’ control over the regions resources and people.

Organised by Fight Racism! Fight imperialism! All welcome. Come and join us to voice your opposition to imperialist war against Libya.

For further details email or telephone 020 7837 1688

Check our website for articles on the Libya and much more:

Fight racism! Fight imperialism!
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