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Stop The Bycatch

aristokronik anarkst | 02.08.2011 00:18 | Ecology | Globalisation | Ocean Defence

Need help organizing against the Hippocrisy coming out of the Bering Sea Cod Co-op,and Freezer Longline Coalition, and Marine Steward Council _seattle Issuance of sustainable award to longliners who miss interpret bycatch tallying process,..the longliner catcher processor subsector act, allowed for a year round genociding of sustainable fishing holes..presently,if the longliners get fish off hook before passes threshold of railing (resulting in death on particular boats who paid off key u.s. senators and house members to ignore national marine fisheries science center findings , that called for restrictions in western aleutians,overthrown by Alaska Crab Coalition, Freezer longline coalition ,alaska cod commission, and bering sea cod fishery , and 6 other groups who trade Individual fishing quotas with commodity speculators hiding behind u.s. fishing vessels,allowing Hedge funds to deduct up to 50%-70%-, with 81.9% on c/p's,that Never Pay the working deadliest crews % on 70 %, all while trading the i.f.q. (individual fishing quota) with another boat and get automatic royalty on unsuspecting crews..

boycott bering select and get all of europe to make threats to these bycatch killing members within freezer longline coalition getting sustainable award from Marine Steward Council... which has main office. please protest marine steward council united kingdom and say llllll

the bering sea pacific cod fishery, they gave a sustainable award to is violating bycatch killing tally's and not accounting for it ,within the Freezer Longline Coalition also known as the Bering Sea Cod Co-op
tell them to demand a purging of the f/v baranof and f/v courageous.
stop the bycatch killers .com

aristokronik anarkst
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