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Defend Crays Hill travellers site in Essex

Defend Crays Hill campaign | 01.08.2011 11:04 | Dale Farm | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles

Cray Hill travellers site in Essex near Basildon is home to over 100 families and is facing eviction at the end of this months. Most of the residents have been there for many years and have absolutely nowhere else to go. People have agreed to move if the council offers an alternative site but they have offered nothing.

If residents refuse to move from the site then they risk losing everything as the bailiffs have been ordered to seize their homes and to bulldoze the site. We must mobilise large numbers of activists to stop this planned barbaric Kosovo style ethnic cleansing. Remember this country went to war to try to stop a similar type of ethnic cleansing 12 years ago in Kosovo.

Defend Crays Hill campaign