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When the state organizes police violence against refugees

Calais Migrant Solidarity | 26.07.2011 16:37

Prefecture of Calais visits CRS to conduct an award ceremony on the beach, commending them on their work both on the streets and in the Channel Crossing waters. No Borders interrupted the proceedings with banners, whistles, chants and speeches telling the truth about the work of the CRS under the command of the Prefecture.

Banners on the beach
Banners on the beach

The ceremony was forced to retreat from the balcony inside, and activists were pushed away into the car park out of site. Activists without papers were threatened with arrest but the threats turned out to be empty.

Ever since his nomination to the position of Pas-de-Calais prefect, the destructions of shelters, attacks on water sources, use of tear gas and pepper spray to disperse people, attempts at collective deportations, and the disregard for protection of minors have been amplified; aiming to stop the crossing of political refugees to England and make life unbearable in Calais.

Trampling on the Geneva Convention, the French State through its prefect, de Bousquet, organizes the racial profiling in the streets of Calais and covers all the police violence periodically used by the CRS and the PAF officers of Coquelles, with the complicity of the Calais town hall.

No life is illegal. Solidarity with the crossing of refugees.

-- In related news about CMS. We are currently desperate for donations of food or money to buy, and for people with experience in kitchens or cooking for big groups to come and offer their skills. The charities are still on holiday and seem happy to let people go hungry. Our current wonderful kitchen leaves on sunday and we badly need a solution for the next couple of weeks.

Calais Migrant Solidarity