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Thousands of prisoners on hunger strike in the U.S. for 3rd week

Anarchist Abroad | 16.07.2011 11:21 | Repression | Social Struggles

protests spreading in solidarity with prisoners in California and the mass hunger strike entering its third week

Thousands of prisoners at least 13 prisons in California are on hunger strike from July 1 to protest the inhumane conditions of confinement in state prison "high security" of Pelican Bay. The hunger strike is spreading gradually to other prisons outside California.

Anarchist Abroad
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Tear, Tear, Tear the Prisons to the Ground.

17.07.2011 05:35

The first knowledge the British Tribes of free lifestyle knew of imprisoning anyone, came with the Roman Slaveholders Pens, which was a integral part of their war machine, and was employed to break the matriarchy and patriarchy of the tribes. This the Romans believed woulld be easier by separating the men from the women in their slave pens, which would weaken their resistence, and the only ones to get out of the pens were those that capitulated to the Emperor of Rome and the Roman Soldiers who administered the conquest.

Women had to captitulate to the men of Rome and all enslaved workers also. This dysfunctional and alienated condition of our specie was then greeted by the entire Roman military war machine and made inferior to its existence. Thus the state as an instrument of exploitation of one class by another came into being, which replaced the polity and its law of electing those that most worked for the good of all and improved the living and working conditions of the workers.

Trouble is that dysfunctional specie was maintained by all the empires of the world with women recieving inferior politics, economics, judicial, and religious treatment. Such a condition is not natural, but enforced by the Male domination of those areas of state to the degradation of the man, and woman question amongst the lower classes of enslavement.

Trouble is with a new millenium, very few in state power, and below have taken the time to restore the material laws of the harmony and joy of the specie, (note the failing of lessons by new aggressive wars against the workers of the world uniting correctly)--- which is the restoration of the matriarchy and patriarchy 50-50 electing, so that in the polity, economic, judicial, and religo wise in the sphere of gender parity is restored, thusly doubling democracy.

What is really troubling is that the prisons have been perpetuated throughout all empires and the specie forced to obey the dysfunctional, and alienated condition of life sourced by all empires on the planet earth.

Liberation of the planet is set by the anti-fascist side at ending aggressive war as any nations foreign policy, and making collective agree as democracy the new way of settling disputes as between nations.
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Re-tool the entire industrial revolution to the renewables and get out of the fossil fuels such as coal, gas, oil, and atomic energy. Still in all the harmonization of the specie depends internally on restoring the matriarchy. So there is two main contradictions that would settle the worlds' problems, and cause us to harmonize with ourselves and nature. Viva socialist liberation, End pollution wars, not endless wars for more and more pollution.

Union Jack