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Options for Dealing with Squatters

NewtoftheWorld | 13.07.2011 17:42 | Free Spaces | Cambridge | South Coast

The folks at the Ministry of Justice have today launched their 'consultation' document about new laws how to 'deal with' squatters. It asks for the views of "anyone affected by squatters or [who] has experience of using the current law or procedures to get them evicted." They don't seem too interested in what the squatters have to say.

MOJ press release:
Consultation webpage:
Consultation document (pdf):

I'm not sure if it will have any effect at all, but it might be worth responding with some stories about positive squatting experiences, to add a bit of balance. The worst they can do is ignore them.



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  1. F**k 'em and their laws! — Stuff Mill Road Tescos