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Korean on Hunger Strike for Peace at Parliament Sq (Peacestrike) | 12.07.2011 16:55 | London


Okwhan Yoon is from South Korea. He recently arived at Parliament Square and started his hunger strike on 26th June 2011.

He has been on a ten year, global cycling tour, in order to inspire and  promote the message of peace.

Okwhan is now on day16 of his strike, demanding  freedom for  North Korea and the opening of the border with South Korea bring with it democracy for the people!

60 years of isolation and oppression has now past and the time has come for the  people to make a peaceful stand for change.

As you will appreciate, being a cyclist, his body weight is minimal, and so the hunger strike will take its toll on him quciker than a person with greater body mass.

He is a gentleman, quiet and thoughtful. He is also determined with a strong mental focus.

A press release has been sent out. Also the All party group for both North and South Korea have been notified that he is at the square.

We encourage people to support him in his great struggle. He is sincere in his effort.

Contact 07907 233 861 (Peacestrike)
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