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NATO-Libyen-Front bröckelt

Jean-Paul Deauville | 12.07.2011 12:24 | Anti-militarism | Culture | Social Struggles | Cambridge | Oxford

Französischer Minister ruft Rebellen zu Verhandlungen auf. Berlusconi nennt Intervention einen Fehler. Bereits Gespräche zwischen Paris und Tripolis. ............ ... Obwohl Funktionäre der NATO in der Vergangenheit wiederholt Gespräche über ein Friedensabkommen bestritten haben, bestätigte der französische Verteidigungsminister Gerard Longuet, dass seine Regierung langsam ungeduldig wird mit dem Kriegsverlauf und von den Rebellen verlangt hat, zu einer friedlichen Lösung mit Muammar Gaddafis Regierung zu kommen. .........

NATO-Libyen-Front BRÖCKELT !
NATO-Libyen-Front BRÖCKELT !

...... erschienen am 10. Juli 2011 auf > > Artikel France Urges Libya’s Rebels to Seek Peace - DM Confirms Officials Have Pressed Rebels on Talks ......
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“FIN de la agresión a Libia”. Leonor en Libia. ..... “We have … have asked them to speak to each other,” Mr Longuet, whose government has until now been among the most aggressive on Libya, said on French television.
“The position of the TNC (rebel Transitional National Council) is very far from other positions. Now, there will be a need to sit around a table,” he said.”
The rebels have repeatedly demanded that the Libyan leader step down before any negotiations can begin for a political transition, something his entourage has repeatedly dismissed.

Mr Longuet added: “We (Nato) will stop the bombardment as soon as Libyans speak to each other and the military from both sides go back to their barracks. ............. MORE:

Celebrating first day of no bombing of Tripoli: Libyans dancing in the streets: After 114 days of non-stop bombing, Tripoli celebrates the first day of victory over NATO as the white terrorists have realised that they cannot kill Muammar Qaddafi ........ /

NATO-Libyen-Front BRÖCKELT !

Jean-Paul Deauville


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