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Vivisection breeder Highgate Farm targeted again with arson

Fighting back | 11.07.2011 08:40 | SHAC | Animal Liberation

anonymous report from (photo: Grimsby Telegraph):

"On the early hours of Tuesday 5th July, activists frustrated by the lack of compassion by Geoffrey Douglas and his family decided to send a very clear message to them: It's time you got out of the vivisection industry!!!

The police and media continue to distort the facts regarding this animal concentration camp based at Highgate Farm, Highgate Lane, near Market Rassen, in Lincolnshire, UK. Activists had made sure that the posh conservatory off the main building was unoccupied and with the loud alarm system that was triggered by our arrival meant that there was no change of any harm becoming to the Douglas' even though their large house and large gardens have been paid out of the blood money of the thousands of rabbits and ferrets they have sent off to torture labs.

The remaining one delivery van used to drive animals to their deaths was put out of action. We will continue to watch you and you will never know when we will strike next. Rest assured, while you profit from this disgusting genocide, we will be there to make you experience just a tiny amount of the fear that you help to cause to those innocent, beautiful creatures.

We will target you in your comfortable home, remember when you look out each evening, that it could be tonight that we'll return. It is time to retire from animal abuse industry and give up the animals for re-homing, we will not be patient anymore... We will get more serious, we promise to make it our goal to stop you once and for all, don't make the mistake of under-estimating us, we will not back down. Until the next visit...

The Provisional RSPCA"

Fighting back


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