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Kukutza Social Centre: Basque Kukutza Social Centre calls for solidarity

DantzaguneaKukutzan | 10.07.2011 13:23 | Free Spaces

Kukutza Gaztetxea III, is at imminent risk of eviction and demolition!!!!

Kukutza Gaztetxea III, is at imminent risk of eviction and demolition. "International Demonstration" for the next 16th of july that will depart from the city of Bilbao at 18:00. We need your help in order to spread the word.

International Demonstration
International Demonstration

Kukutza III Gaztetxea is a squatted Social Centre in the Basque city of Bilbao. The massive building has been occupied for the last 13 years giving space for numerous long term projects and activities to flourish. It has a massive local support within the neighborhood. But the Social Centre is now in an imminent threat of eviction and demolition, and that's why we have been preparing a series of activities to defend it from the speculators. As part of this we call for international support and solidarity in our struggle to defend the Social Centre.

It is right now that Kukutza is finally facing a great danger of falling under the speculative interests of the corrupt construction companies, and we will do all we can to defend it from eviction and demolition. That's why we are calling for an International Demonstration on the Basque city of Bilbao on Saturday 16th of July. Meet up in front of Bilbao's council building at 6pm.

Please see the video we have put together that aims to show what the social centre is doing, and it also presents several of the projects that make Kukutza III Gaztetxea what it is, an autonomous, self-managed and participative community project that has been developing throughout the last 13 years.

Please come and join us to defend Kukutza III Gaztetxea, or organise solidarity demonstrations in your towns and cities.

The People Will Defend What's Theirs!
No Pasaran! (They Shall Not Pass!)

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