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HSBC occupied to save the NHS (The militant wing of the Inland Revenue) | 09.07.2011 13:55

The Clumber Street branch of HSBC in Nottingham was occupied for 2 hours this morning by Notts Uncutters. This was part of the day of action to save the NHS called for by Notts SOS. The protest targeted HSBC for its involvement in PFI contracts that drain tens of millions of pounds from the health system. Also, due to its offshore tax arrangements, HSBC only pays a tiny fraction of its profits in tax.

Protesters held placards, handed out leaflets about the day of action and got a generally positive response from members of the public. HSBC managers looked decidedly nervous, although the protest was good natured. Eventually the branch manager, accompanied by two police officers, arrived to claim that the protest was 'harassing' his customers and the police subsequently threatened to arrest people for aggravated trespass. The protesters decided to continue the protest outside. Amusingly a copper was sat outside in his car avidly reading one of the Notts Uncut newsletters! (The militant wing of the Inland Revenue)