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RIP: Simon Levin 1974 - 2011

Mayday Features | 06.07.2011 02:51 | Palestine | South Coast

Friends and family will gather in Brighton on Thursday 7th July to celebrate the life of Brightonian activist, Simon Levin. who passed away on Friday 24th June, aged 36.

Simon was an enthusiastic supporter of the Palestinian struggle for justice, and travelled to Palestine where he spent some months in the Balata refugee camp outside Nablus. He returned several times with the Brighton Jordan Valley Solidarity Group and in 2008 he was involved in the building of a new school at Fasayil

Back in Britain Simon was involved in Direct Action Campaigns against Caterpillar, Agrexco and the SmashEDO camapign. He was a defendant in the Decomissioners trial where activists were acquitted for their part in smashing the EDO arms components factory during Israel's onsaught on Gaza

Friends of Simon have suggested that those who want to remember Simon go to their local arms factory, importer of Israeli goods or oppressor of workers and "do a vigil, noise demo or action. Have a beer. He would have liked that". On Monday Rossport Solidarity Camapigners dedicated their Blockade of Shell offices to Simon.

From the newswire:
Caterkiller activist defends right to protest | 5 EDO decomissioners found NOT GUILTY!!! ! RIP Simon Levin - EDO Decommissioner

Blog Posts by Simon
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Mayday Features


Interview with Simon

08.07.2011 10:30

Download: - mp3 1.5M

Short interview with Simon at the Smash EDO peace camp a few years back


Special noise demo for Simon

12.07.2011 10:06

There will be a special noise demo in honour of our friend Simon Levin this Wednesday (13th of July) at EDO/ITT, Home Farm Road, 4-6pm. Spread the word and come along. He would have liked that.

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