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Attacked, kettled, hassled by cops at Demo ?

No to Peels lobsters | 05.07.2011 22:19 | Policing

Counter Demo 13th July Westminster Central Hall

Politcal policing? - course it all is.
The racist misogynistic lackeys of the rich and the corporate warmongers.
Deaths In Custody? Who gets done?
They tried to get away with Ian Tomlinson until caught on camera by a bystander - When it's CCTV it is usually off/grainy when the cops attack people attack people.
haven't forgotten the miners strike - these are still the Thatcherite fascist thugs who boast about overtime when beating the shit out of strikers and protestors.

Counter rally at central hall westminster next wednesday July 13th to protest policing

Kettle em in


No to Peels lobsters