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Eviction in A'dam: 120 arrested

Dutchy | 05.07.2011 12:20 | Free Spaces

Police is still going through time to kick people out of squats. Resistance and lock ons at the Schijnheilig squat near Leidseplein meant the kettling and arrestation of more than 100 persons

The usual 'collective evictionround' going on in Amsterdam (once every few month the stat gathers a whole army of riot cops, snatch squads and gear to evict a whole serie of squats). Main resistance was at the Schijnheilig near Leidseplein, where riot cops and snatchers used violence and 120 (some mediasources say 150) people were first kettled for hours, then arrested and bussed to police stations.

Indymedia feature here:

Mainstream press pictures and video here:




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