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Hundreds Of Thousands – Public Sector Workers Pensions Strike

Stalingrad O'Neill | 04.07.2011 13:31 | J30 Strike | Public sector cuts | Workers' Movements | Birmingham

Thousands of teachers, lecturers, jobcentre workers and other civil servants took strike action on the 30th June over the government’s proposed changes to their pensions.

The night before the march I had this dream……….
There it was the pride of the country, the Good Ship UK going down in the middle of the ocean, after having hit a gigantic debtberg!

The sounds of Champagne glasses clinking and deck chairs being shuffled around could be still be heard emanating from its all lights blazing disappearing stern, carried above the dire screams of terror and despair of those unfortunates in the water

In the inky blackness far from the tragic horror, bobbing into view came a leaky overcrowded life boat, with Capt Cackeron sitting astride it’s bow wearing the only life jacket barking to the lucky survivors "Come on we are all in this together", so row u scum row"

Then there rose out of the water a thousand legged Millipede who ejecting a number of hapless survivors clamored aboard the lifeboat and trampling all before it, made its way to the bow to make a grab at Capt Cackeron’s life jacket crying “Give me that its mine, I can lead us to dry land and safety”, the eschewing struggle between the two precariously tipped and rocked the boat endangering all

This continuing kafuffle was all too much for one exasperated survivor, who taking their oar swung it expertly and laid its full weight on the heads of the two! As if following on queue, the other dragooned survivors took their oars and used them likewise, beating the pair senseless! The Capt was stripped of his life jacket and tossed along with the Millipede overboard. Equilibrium and peace restored the survivors struck out for dry land!

However next day at the rally I didn't listen to much of any of the speeches from the platform, heard it all before! These leaders need to step up a gear, for like in my dream they need to take an oar not only to the head of this murderous Government, but also the aptly renamed slimy Blue Labour fucks waiting in the wing

I was impressed by the turn out in Birmingham and by extension the rest of the country. But Christ we still have a long way to go, if I take the following quote I read, as true, from some over reasonable striker who stated they realized there had to be cuts but they had to be shared out fairer! Oh well there’s a chance they will learn in time, coz apart from lip service the Parliamentary bandits ain’t gonna wear that one for sure!

At the rally the Old Bill gave some youths stick for taking advantage of the Big Screen in the square using it to put a product placement of their own on it, more in keeping with the days event!

“These strikes are wrong at a time when negotiations are going on. People have been let down by both sides - the Govt has acted recklessly” ‘Blue’ Miliband quoted on the day
You’re an arse Miliband!

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