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Reminder: March 4 Justice: Saturday July 2nd 2011 in Birmingham

no justice no peace | 01.07.2011 12:36 | Anti-racism | Repression | Birmingham

Birmingham - 3 police custody deaths in 11 months

Demetre Fraser - 31st May 2011

Kingsley Burrell - 30th March 2011

Lloyd Butler - 4 August 2011

Justice for Kingsley Burrell, Demetre Fraser, Lloyd Butler
Campaigning for Justice for Kingsley Burrell and for legislative reform in regards to deaths in custody. In unity with Justice 4 Smiley Culture and all those who have lost a loved one in these circumstances.

March for Justice for Kingsley Burrell and for all those that have lost their lives in police custody.

We call on you to march with us in Birmingham

One People with One Aim: Justice for All

Kingsley died in extremely suspicious circumstances in Birmingham. It is reported that Kingsley called the police, after trying to talk to a group of young people who were intimidating him and his 5 year old son. Kingsley was subsequently arrested and detained under the mental health act, days later he was in intensive care and subsequently died.

Message from Kedisha: (Kingsley Burrell's sister)
"I'm not just calling on ethnic minority but global majority to bridge the gap between institutionalised racism and custodial deaths.

"As a community at large we need to join forces in support of my late brother Kingsley Burrell's Campaign as one step forward in challenging current legislation. Out of many we are one strong diverse culture with strong religious beliefs. Therefore I take this opportunity to invite one and all to take part in the March for Justice on Saturday 2nd July 2011 to be held in Birmingham.

"We owe it to ourselves to guide and protect our past present and future generations in breaking through the chains of mental and physical slavery and I urge you all to attend in order show your support in this ongoing fight against inequalities in Great Britain."

12:00 noon Saturday July 2nd 2011

Starting point: Abbey Street, Winson Green, Hockley, B18 5QS

Finishing Point And Rally: West Midlands Police HQ, Lloyd House, Colmore Circus, Queensway, Birmingham, B4 6NQ

Route: Assemble in Abbey Street from 12 noon, to march for 1pm, then walk on past the Seacole mental health unit in Winson Green, where Kingsley was taken, then on to Bolton Road, Soho Road and into the city centre to Lloyd House, the headquarters of West Midlands police. There we will rally.

British Justice?
The tragic death of Kingsley Burrell a young black man a father, brother and son at the hands of West Midlands Police is profoundly resonant in some ways of the policing style of South African apartheid regime, the epitome of a racist police state.

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Justice for Kingsley Burrell

Campaign for Justice for Kingsley Burrell: Contact:

no justice no peace


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