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More photos of the Manchester j30 march

pinkolady | 30.06.2011 19:32 | J30 Strike | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

More photos of the march.
All pictures are Creative Commons licensed. Pinkolady would like to be credited where they are used.

Some of the union members had been on one of the many pickets around Manchester earlier that morning, at the HMRC building, four of the university buildings, Chorlton job centre, the Crown Court and the Civil Justice Centre.

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Not One Cut Until the Bankers Pay

30.06.2011 19:50

Not One Cut Until the Bankers Pay

Good Slogan

Let the workers decide how to spend their own wealth

30.06.2011 22:29

Unfortunately, only the workers can pay for anything. Tax the bankers, businesses, rich people, or whoever and they'll pass on the cost to the ordinary grass roots wealth creator. It's the workers that make everything, do everything and pay for everything. There is ultimately no one else who can pay.