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Glasgow Activist arrested ahead of J30

Glasgow activist | 29.06.2011 13:27 | J30 Strike | Public sector cuts | Repression

Young Glasgow Activist was pulled from his bed this morning, arrested and taken to Carlisle police station and charged with violent disorder in relation to March 26th.

Charges are absolute nonsense. People were with him all day.

This is the 2nd time that he has been arrested ahead of protest activities that he has been active in planning. We have a real problem with political policing here in Glasgow and this is not the first time that trumphed up charges have been brought to disrupt protests.

We would appreciate advice from English activists on what questions we should ask of English police who are holding him and guidence on legal procedure in England, as we are most familiar with Scottish law and the systems are different. All help gratefully received.

Carlise Police Station number - 0845 330 0247
(a non-0845 no if anyone has one would be useful for peops with contract mobiles which wont do 0845 calls)

Glasgow activist


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