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Human Rights abuse of the elderly is legal in the UK

David | 29.06.2011 09:48 | Health | Other Press | Repression | World

Social services abusing terms of Mental Capacity Act, Mental Health Act and Deprivation of liberty orders to force elderly into care and then forcing them to pay for that care.

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British social services are abusing the human rights of elderly and vulnerable old people by missue of the Mental Health Act, Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Orders.

If these cases are challenged in court it is in the court of protection. A court that has life or death decision making capabilities but who hold trials in secret.

A 92 year old man was sedated taken from his home following the sudden death of his wife and detained in a care home. He was given the wrong medication and spent 8 weeks in hospital with a broken hip following an incident at the care home that has never been investigated. He has been detained against his will since Nov 2010.

Social services have never shown any proof that he lacks mental capacity nor can they show any evidence that he is the victim of abuse as they claim. His only living relative has challenged the legality of the decision and as as result has been branded a trouble maker and denied access to his father. If he attempt to visit his father he will be arrested. Neither person has committed a crime yet their human rights have been ignored. Social services claim the old man lacks mental capacity however it does not appear that he lacks capacity to manage his finances as they are trying to force him to pay to be in care.

He is marched off from his home, placed for want of a better word in 'prison' and is expected to pay for it, all in 'his best interests' as defined by social services.

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