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30 June, Public Meeting, Brighton: Solidarity with Whistle-blowers

vg | 27.06.2011 21:43 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Terror War | South Coast

Do we have the right to know what governments do in our name? This meeting will address the issues largely absent from the current media debate and examine what drove Julian Assange and Bradley Manning to take the actions they did, the context and potential consequences of the legal proceedings against them and what action we can take to support whistleblowers.

Speakers: Ciaron O’ Reilly – Anarcho Christian peace activist, served 12 months in Maximum Security US prisons for Anti War actions and was the subject of Wiki-leaked cables following acquittal by an Irish jury for causing $2.5 million damage to a US warplane.

Ben Griffin: ex-SAS, Iraq and Afghan war vet. Given High Court gagging order following his public condemnation of Extraordinary Rendition.

Thursday 30 June, 7-9pm, Quaker Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton.