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Squatting action days // 2-5 July Amsterdam

Krakendraaitdoor | 24.06.2011 14:21 | Free Spaces

On July 5 some very important squats in central Amsterdam are facing eviction by the military police, based on the recent ‘ban on squatting’ in the Netherlands. We won’t give up our autonomous and non-commercial spaces that easy and we will organize action days from July 2-5 to keep our spaces and prevent the eviction from happening.

The 2nd of july is the kick off of a long weekend full of actions, parties, workshops, movies, lectures and, of course resistance. There is food everyday and an abundance of sleeping places in one of the many squats . On the 2nd of july there are peoples kitchens, and a party slash fundraiser in the Schijnheilig squat. Sunday the 3rd will see many workshops, as well as movies, peoples kitchens, and in the evening a big demonstration. Monday the 4th there are more workshops and peoples kitchens, while we prepare for resistance for the eviction wave the day after. Tuesday the 5th will be the day of the eviction wave. You’ll have the opportunity to join resistance in of the multiple sites of resistance, which will keep us busy at least until the evening. Keep yourself updated on our website for further and more detailed information. In the meantime, talk to your friends, call your work and arrange your trip to Amsterdam, to join us in our struggle! Because it’s needed more than ever!!

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25.06.2011 23:28

I know what i'm doing after june 30!

see you in amsterdan!

king kong!

solidarity from italy

27.06.2011 10:13

as comrades and squatters actions in support against the eviction wave in amsterdam happen in italy ..2police car burnt .. many banners around the city and of course aler building attaked many times ..... SOLIDARITY IS WEAPON LETS USE IT GREETINGS FROM ITALY