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Mass strikes by public sector workers on June 30th (imc) | 23.06.2011 19:55 | J30 Strike | London

The nation wide strike action on June 30th by over 750,000 public sector workers is the biggest threat yet to this government’s plan to make public sector workers pay for the economic crisis. While the banking sector has returned to enjoying the fruits of our labour, we are told that there is no alternative but to cut the services we depend on. For updates see the J30 site launched the other day provides links and call outs across the country.

In London there are "Big Society Breakfast" of local pickets outside schools, college and other public sector building followed by a mass trade union march at 11am, Lincoln Inn Fields. On which there will be a J30 Strikers’ Assembly Bloc on the trade union march.

There are People’s Assemblies called for that have no leaders, so every voice counts, ensuring equality for all. Occupying streets and city squares is a natural expression of our power: real democracy now. One such Strikers’ Assembly will congregate near Westminster Central Hall. Find us under the “People’s Assembly” banner.

Critical Mass will set off from Elephant and Castle at 8am for a fun packed glide around the capital supporting pickets and engaging with the public.

UKuncut are supporting call with a day of action stating "The protests will highlight that the strikes by the unions are another form of direct action against the cuts being taken by people in towns and cities across the country. It’s predicted that strike action will grow rapidly towards the autumn and UK Uncut are vowing to support and build on the strike action with more direct action protest against tax avoiders and the banking system.

The PCS union states: "We have continually argued that if the £120 billion that is ‘lost’ evaded or avoided in tax every year was collected, there would be no economic crisis. That argument can now be heard across the trade unions and campaigning groups like UK Uncut have become one of the most popular movements in Britain." This is why the unions are saying enough is enough and walking out.

Further info: June 30th website | Afed statement on the strikes | The Commune on the march
Other unions statements of action: NUT | UCU list of Universities on strike | (imc)
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