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A short and incomplete history of squatting in Brighton

snobaha | 21.06.2011 12:58 | Free Spaces | Other Press | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

New zine!

As part of an ongoing radical history project and in response to the ridiculous proposals to criminalise squatting (go tories go!), using space five is devoted to a brief and incomplete history of squatting in brighton, uk. This is a special version with reduced size fotos, so as to lessen the file size (still more than 8mg).

You can download it from oop north -

- Homepage:


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22.06.2011 09:06

"Anyone who has had squatters in their property will know how very difficult it is to get them out. So we are proposing, and will consult on, a criminal offence of squatting to be introduced in this forthcoming Bill.” - Cameron on behalf of the global property speculating scum he represents.
It's the rise of the reactionaries alright ( according to another poster - now they're coming for the middle classes - after the unemployed, refugees and homeless?? ) with their war on the homeless and News Murdoch/Barclay Bros Driven 'populist' (sic) Bills . Bring on the class war and trash this scum. It's not all rich kids squatting as the Mail would have you believe.
Squatters, Homeless, Unemployed blocs on J30?

st georges hill is ours