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** J30 Strike Website now live ** (j30strike) | 20.06.2011 08:55 | J30 Strike | London

News, updates, calls of action, interactive action maps, downloads -- its got it all!

Please forward and help plug the site. If you want to add an event for J30 then pleaseemail with the following:
Time: Short Description:Location ( with postcode if possible! ):Facebook Event link:Type ( Action, Rally, March, Picket )
We really need more picket locations for the early morning. The site covers the whole UK so please spread far and wide!!
J30 strike

p.s. Facebook has associated the website link with spam - due to the number of invites sent out for the J30 strike event - a pop up window will appear informing you that the content is blocked with link to complain - please complain to get facebook to unblock it. Thanks! (j30strike)
- Original article on IMC London: