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Brian Haw has passed away

Mark | 19.06.2011 11:55

Sad News that Parliament Square Peace Campaigner Brian Haw lost his battle against lung cancer yesturday morning.

Message from his immediate family:

It is with deepest regret that I inform you that or father Brian passed away this morning.

As you know he was battling lung cancer, and was having treatment in Germany.

He left us in his sleep and in no pain, after a long, hard fight.

With your help we have been able to share months more than we should have had with him, and for that we are eternally grateful.

We would like to have this time to be together as a family, to share in the love he gave us, and respectfully ask that you allow us this time undisturbed.

We will make further arrangements known to you all in due course.

Once again thank-you for your kindness and continued support,

Kind regards,

Brian's family.


Babs was with Brian when sadly he passed away early on Saturday morning.

The Parliament Square Peace Campaign extend their deepest sympathies to Brian's family.

We would also like to thank all the very many kind people who supported and took such special care of Brian during his illness.

Brian showed great determination and courage during the many long hard years he led his Peace Campaign in Parliament Square, during which it is well documented that he was relentlessly persecuted by the authorities which eventually took its toll on his health.

Brian showed the same courage and determination in his battle with cancer. He was keenly aware of and deeply concerned that so many civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine did not have access to the same treatments that were made available to him.

Parliament, the police, and courts etc, should forever be ashamed of their disgraceful behaviour towards Brian.

Brian is an inspiration to all in our campaign and we appreciate the many messages of support for Brian whose spirit continues to guide us in the work we do.

We love & miss Brian very much.

We know that it was Brian's greatest wish that everyone should take responsibility to do what they can to stop the government murdering innocent civilians in ongoing illegal wars of aggression.

It is clear that if everyone showed the same courage as Brian, in challenging this government, that many lives would be saved, now.

We only have to look to the Arab World to see what is possible in what are historical times.

Further arrangements for Brian will be posted on our website.

Love, Peace, Justice For All,

Brian Haw's Parliament Square Peace Campaign.


Brian Haw : January 7th 1949 - June 18th 2011

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Brian Haw presente!

19.06.2011 22:28

Brian encapsulated best Dan Berrigan's advice during the Vietnam War
"Don't just do something, stand there!"
As mass movements, and 2 million Iraqi dead (genocidal sanctions/ direct bombardment/, came and went ....Brian spoke truth to power from close proximity.

You were in the right place at the right time for a long time, Brian.
A place where the lies (now exposed) were invented and told
and the orders to kill sprung from will be impossible to walk past that place without thinking of you and the witness you gave for life against death.

Over these long years of war without end, publica apathy, it was nourishing and challenging to have someone there for so long saying the emperors have no clothes, no credibility, no integrity.
Today, they stand butt naked surrouded by the corpses they have generated.
See you on the other side Brian

Ciaron - Giuseepe Conlon House, London Catholic Worker
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