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Poster/flyer for July's OARC film screening

oarcscreenings | 18.06.2011 15:13 | Culture | Free Spaces | Technology | Oxford

Who are these people that call themselves hackers? Those that believe that technology exists to be appropriated and subverted for whatever purpose? Those who oppose corporate control over inventions? If you part with good money for something, is it not yours to do what you will with it? Not according to the likes of Microsoft, Apple, Sony and their ilk…

At this month’s screening we’ll be showing two films from Germany and from Spain: ‘Hippies from Hell‘ and ‘Looking for hackers‘ (En busca de hackers) and inviting debate on discussion about whether the technology can make us free, if we know how and why to take advantage of it…..

Sunday 3rd July . Doors 7pm, films start 7.20pm, close 10pm
OARC, upstairs @ East Oxford Community Centre, OX4 1DD
Suggested donation of £2-3 on door.

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28.06.2011 15:00

Please note that we've postponed this month's screening until Sunday 7th August due to clashing with the Cowley Road Carnival after party at the community centre. We felt that the noise clash would make the film screening not viable.

See you next month!

OARC Screenings
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