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Lettre de Mme Maigret à Jean-Paul Sartre

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate | 16.06.2011 10:11 | Rossport Solidarity | Analysis | World

My English’s not improved yet. We have experienced" notre Gauche Proletarienne" and Maoism and we suffer know Chinese impact You are demanding yet facts, because world is to far from death. Dear, here is my experience for that Known as “Spanish [r]evolution.

The 15 M came from some movements as “Democracy Now”, “fed-up citizen” and, in my opinion, other movements coming from the 60s, 90s and other. I feel more and more, outside of contest. Likely, “old hippy”, my son, we adopted with few Inspector Magrait:: , :is fallowing it a little bit.

He states that: movement happen regularly, in different places and contests. But, we are losing a lot since the 90s and that. We can not afford new loses. Challenge is realising this is the end of a political Class far away from our experience of living: we can afford not more loses and we all know, as they do; they do not know the way out and they are imposing us new loses

The 15 M movement is doing well. Every one clam irritation in a contest confuse, where, Tribunal Constitutional (TS) has clams irritation. As always the scenario turns; the dream of Robin wood is becoming less attractive and disturbing, because of some. Uncontrolled were provokers and aggressive. That happened, we do not know what is happening; but my old hippy, estates that: We have to work to cope with or at least, empower links, with is improving.

My son works hard; but, as happened to Casandra, he can not associate readers in his group web: to discuss openly in the possibility of implementing local participative gobernanza. Very few visitors leave messages, but my Peter Pan claims that: not matter quantities, He does that he feels he can as it is better little advances than nothing.

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