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Big Sexy Festy Party

Eric | 09.06.2011 22:44 | Free Spaces


Only one week to go to our annual fantastic free festival in aid of London’s homeless and Shelter from the Storm North London brilliant and brave volunteer run nightshelter...!!!!We have an excellent, and we mean TRIPLE excellent party production up our sleeves for you this year...

The Donation

To assist you in considering your donation on entry we thought we would give you the following important pointers to assist

1.ALL of the money collected via donations goes directly to providing food, clothing and shelter for London’s homeless either by the work done by our organisation or Shelter from the Storm ( The donation is DIRECT, not spent on admin or salaries, and makes an IMMENSE, and we mean absolutely immense difference to the charities work. It does not go to the festival, it does not go to the organisers, it goes solely and directly to work which helps the homeless.

2.In 2009 we paid for 3000 Christmas dinners for London's homeless in nighshelters. In 2010 we gave over £7,500 of you donated money directly to Shelter from the Storm from our events

3.As a guide

£2.50 will pay for a MEAL for a homeless guest
£5.00 will provide new CLOTHES for a person who has been living on the streets
£10.00 will give SHELTER by taking a person off the streets for a night and they will be given a shower, a haircut, new clothes, a two course meal and a safe dry bed with caring support from brilliant volunteers at the Caledonian Road nightshelter.
The festival is entirely free with no funding or sponsorship and you can come in for free as you always have been able to.

Shelter from the Storm receives no funding or sponsorship and so we see them as a kindred spirit in the work we, and they do.

We ask you therefore to consider your donation in advance in the knowledge that it will make a massive directly applied difference to the people in our city who need it most...the homeless.

Go to the cashpoint, drop in some paper money, and we will provide for you a mega blast of a BIG SEXY FESTY PARTY for FREE, absolutely FREE!!! and you will have taken a person off the streets of our city for a night while getting to party on down with the finest free festival in town

The Location

Please watch here for a hint at where the festival might be held this year.

Thankyou for considering your donation at our festival in advance of the event, we have big plans to change the profile of facilities for the homeless and appreciate your ongoing support.

Please donate what you can, but remember that £10 isnt much and will make a MASSIVE difference to those who need it while you are guaranteed an absolutely brilliant free festival.

Thank you.

And get ready for the absolutely brilliant
......... BIG SEXY FESTY PARTY 2011!!