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Government spokesman Yiorgos Petalotis was attacked

G | 02.06.2011 21:36 | Analysis

Protests in greece

Late Wednesday evening at around 22.30, hundreds of protesters on Corfu island gathered around a restaurant in the Old Fortress, where a dinner was being held for European MPs, participating in works of the Immigration and Refugee of Europe.
Among the MPs attending the dinner, were Deputy Minister of Labour, Anna Dalara, Pasok(goverment party) MP, Ntinos Vrettos, Pasok MP, Angela Gerekou and Nikos Dendias who is also Vice-President of the Refugee Board.
The protesters blocked the exit, preventing the officials from leaving and began shouting slogans such as ‘thieves’ and ‘traitors’ that strongly condemned them. As a result, a boat was sent in order for the Ministers and MP’s to leave the island without further commotion.
Government spokesman under attack

Government spokesman Yiorgos Petalotis was attacked and booed by citizens at the Argyroupolis area of Athens, where he participated at a governing party event. More than 500 people were expecting him at the door and, as he arrived, they started verbally attacking him and throwing eggs, yoghurts and stones. The crowd was repulsed by the police.

Such incidents are growing in number

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