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Private Intelligence Networks Controlling our Schools

Caz | 02.06.2011 20:27 | Education | Globalisation | Terror War | South Coast | World

Private Intelligence Networks Controlling our Schools: Below are three examples of direct influence or control which private intelligence has in our schools.

1) EIM Group
2) Hakluyt
3) Aecom

Private Intelligence Networks controlling our schools

1) EIM Group links to ARK Academies – EIM Group is private intelligence

2) The Dulverton Trust is linked to Hakluyt (private intelligence with links to MI6, which was founded within the John Adam St Gang). The Dulverton Trust funds Teach First:

Hakluyt links to MI6:

MI6 founded within the John Adam St Gang:

Chris Wills is a shareholder of Hakluyt:

Mr Christopher chairman of Dulverton Trust, which on page 12 lists under ‘Youth & Education’ they are funding Teach First:

3) Aecom military:$54-million+Task+Order+to+Support+U.S.+Military

And here is Aecom with Ark Academies:

Aecom is the parent company of Faber Maunsell, who in turn did own the chain of Academies called 3es, who have now possibly been sold to GEMS (Global Education Management Systems) in Dubai.
In 2002, when Chief Executive of 3es Enterprises, she delivered the first all-through Business Academy in Thamesmead and the first public private partnership in schools at Kings College, the success being highlighted in the Government’s Green Paper Schools Building on Success. Having established the 3es brand, she is now a director and Head of the Education Sector at 3es Aecom.

Here is Global Education Management Systems (GEMS) operating in the UK:

According to this document, GEMS has bought the 3es chain of UK Academies:

And here is the new curriculum ‘Opening Minds’, (from the Royal Society for the Arts) amongst other things teaching children Anthropometry, how to measure humans, which was demonstrated at a 1921 eugenics conference:

This curriculum is also occult:

And Sloodle:



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For Concerned Parents

04.06.2011 22:06

Since the information about schools is detailed and lengthy, and to grasp it requires reading a considerable amount of reading, something briefer, and images without text (no reading required!)

'Gorman Medical', 90 second video: