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Crackdown begins - Police attacking Real Democracy Ya gathering in Barcelona

A | 27.05.2011 08:41 | Repression | Social Struggles

Its difficult to get clear information at this point but according to catalan radio the police started trying to clear the plaza de catalunya in Barcelona this morning.

All webcams covering the square are down, the police have surrounded the area and are arresting people and confiscating computers and mobile phones. Some demonstrators have been run over by a police vehicle. Police are baton charging and firing rubber coated rounds into the crowd.

The reasonably fluffy RDY gatherings have been tolerated across Spain since Tuesday last week when the police attacked the Madrid occupation. Although a number of very good critiques have emerged recently the importance of these mass street mobilisations should not be downplayed. The crackdown in Barcelona may well be the first in a concerted effort by the spanish state to crush the movement.

Please act now in solidarity.




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