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Urgent Appeal From Libya

Fred Neumann | 26.05.2011 20:23 | Guantánamo | Repression | Social Struggles | Terror War | Cambridge

Hear this call on behalf of millions of Libyans now facing a new stage in the increasingly indiscriminate bombing of NATO that is now targeting civilian infrastructure with exponentially increasing civilian casualties. He only asks you to do a few simple things. Get organized! .........

Urgent Appeal From Libya
Urgent Appeal From Libya

Dear All,

My name is Mohanned Magam, i'm from Libya.We are making this appeal because we are suffering great hardships because of the daily bombing of our cities and the blockade of Libya by NATO forces.

Too many civilians have already been killed, men women and children by NATO which is making our life harder with each passing day. So we are making this appeal to you to help us organise an event to raise public awareness about our suffering with a march around the world's capitals against the aggression on Libya and to defend our unique Direct People Democracy in Libya.

Please help us because we are dying day by day here. We ask to let as many people as possible to know about this event. We would really appreciate your kind help and God willing we can help to stop this war in Libya.

In Libya here we are marching each day, and this Friday will be another big one. We are not afraid to die and we are not afraid of the bombs. Everyone has to die one day. But it is not fair to have all our infrastructure and innocent people wounded and suffering because we will not give up on our democracy. .......... MORE: from Mohanned Magam

Fred Neumann