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Shell Belmullet office shut down again -join the continuous protests!

rossport solidarity camp | 25.05.2011 20:49 | Rossport Solidarity | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Energy Crisis | Sheffield | South Coast

Shell's Belmullet office was once again shut down by protesters to highlight the ongoing concerns by local residents and supporters about Shell's proposed Corrib gas project. This morning (wed 25th may) the blockade began at 7.30am and for 2 1/2 hours protesters were able to stop Shell workers entering the building. IRMS arrived around10am to end the blockade.

Protesters were individually removed, carried and dragged away from the entrance. IRMS then formed a 'horse shoe' security line around the Shell door. A number of very posh cars arrived soon after with the Shell workers who were then escorted in to the building. Blurring the already dubious relationship between the Gardai and Shell's private security IRMS was Pat Doyle (Former Mayo Superintendent) who today coordinated the IRMS response,

Alan Mee, Shell assistant mayo manager, once again asked campaigners to end their blockade.
''I just can't understand why you won't let me exercise that right [ to go to work]. I fundamentally don't understand that.'' Mee's attempt to be the reasonable and polite face of one of the most damaging companies in the world just proved that he has no understanding at all of the reasons why the local community believe Shell must be stopped.

This is not a symbolic protest; we fundamentally believe Shell must be stopped from working.
Our right to protest means we must be heard so Alan, we cannot take our protest around the back of the Shell office or to the side of the door as you kindly offered.

Alan Mee and the other 24 employees must wake up and realise that we cannot just allow Shell to carry on 'business as usual' when we see the environmental impact, human rights violations and exploitation caused by Shell globally from the Tar Sands to the Niger Delta. We know this will happen here in Mayo if people do not stand up and say 'enough is enough'.
We will not stop until Shell stop. Shell to Hell! Come join us...
The Rossport Solidarity Camp welcomes everyone who wants to support the local community in resisting Shell

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