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New Identity Workshop - part II - trading human organs

heath bunting | 24.05.2011 09:40 | Bio-technology | Health | Technology

A workshop in how to build new identities.

NEW IDENTITY WORKSHOP - part II - trading human organs

Where: Waterside II, Watershed, Bristol
When: 7 pm Wednesday 25 May 2011
Cost: 1 hour of your attention

Identity, the method of managing human beings, is a technology that can enslave or empower.

When informed, its a simple moral choice as to whether you are begging on the street or an international criminal bankster.

In the United Kingdom it is not only possible, but also lawful to change your name. Little known though, is that it is also lawful to create yourself a totally new identity,
completely separate from anything you may have had before, on condition that it is not used for illegal purposes.

The new identity workshop will explain how this is possible and offer
step-by-step guidance to constructing a new lawful British national
identity for individual use or for exchange with others, with or without

This workshop will be focused on trading human organs for profit, using
new identities to lawfully package ownership for futures investment.

Bring some human organs and a tesco clubcard !

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