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Sunday Herald defies superinjunction, names Ryan Giggs

Imogen | 22.05.2011 14:07

The Sunday Herald has named Ryan Giggs as the footballer causing all the current stink about superinjunctions. It claims that Scottish press are not subject to the superinjunction.

(strange that this is the first mention I can find of this story on an anti-censorship site)

In recent days there has been a lot of public attention on superinjunctions, in particular the case of Ryan Giggs, the footballer who reacted angrily when his superinjunction was broken and went viral on social networking site Twitter. The internet was shown once again to be infinitely more powerful than out-of-touch judges abusing their positions. However today the Sunday Herald, a Scottish newspaper, has caused a storm by "outing" Giggs on its front page, claiming that as a Scottish newspaper the superinjunction does not apply.

The Scottish paper plastered a picture of Giggs across its front page with a black band labelled "censored" across his eyes. A caption reads:

"Everyone knows that this is the footballer accused of using the courts to keep allegations of a sexual affair secret. But we weren't supposed to tell you that ... the madness of privacy laws: a special report"

The person who posted the name Ryan Giggs has now apparently been identified as a famous TV presenter, now facing potential legal proceedings. The first use of a scary new power is always frivolous but as ever, the day will very soon come when these powers are used to silence dissent. The legal backing to these powers is now being dragged into the public eye, challenged and humiliated. Although the motivation is contrived, for once I'm very proud of the corporate media!



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