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Rossport solidarity campers pull down Shell's fences

Rossport Solidarity camp | 22.05.2011 14:00 | Rossport Solidarity | Climate Chaos | Energy Crisis | Technology | World

Today at mid-day members of rossport solidarity camp walked onto shell land,
destroyed fences, and were forced to leave by violent IRMS security guards in the ongoing dispute over the corrib gas field.

Protester pushed to ground
Protester pushed to ground

The brutality of some individuals on the shell security site was witnessed and re-stressed a serious concern long prevalent in the campaign.

It began as a mass trespass until some protesters started removing fences. One individual was manhandled and their calls attracted the main group who then managed to remove a whole section of fencing in roughly fifteen minutes.

The security guards were quite restrained upon initial entry with mild verbal exchanges between both groups, however
the security began to turn violent when campaigners began removing fences on sections of the land. The security guards intervened exercising force, injuring a few campaigners.

Notably several security guards had their numbers hidden and refused to identify themselves when asked. With video cameras on both sides capturing any unjust aggression towards individuals, the situation didnt hit a critical point with only minor injury's sustained to protesters.

This dispute has been ongoing for over a decade with no consent from the local community. Energy's run high as the pipe enters its final stages of development. However, shells work is put back another day due to strength in numbers and an effective protest. Actions continue

Come & join us in celebrating over a decade of resistance to Shell's Corrib gas's gonna be a good party!

June Bank Holiday weekend 4-6th, Aughoose, Co.Mayo

Bands, music, circus, dance, comedy, performance, crafts, kid's activities. Free camping.

Transport is being organised from most cities, all information and latest news can be found here

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