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Confronting Condolezza Rice as a war criminal at Stanford University

Women Against Military Madness | 20.05.2011 18:44 | Anti-militarism | Education | Social Struggles | World

A brave woman stands up to a war criminal while American sheeple try to shout her down. This must happen every time someone from the Bush administration, and now the Obama administration is speaking in public! Stand up and walk the opposite way of the sheeple around you!

A brave woman interrupts former US foreign minister Condoleezza Rice's speech by denouncing her as a war criminal, Stanford University, California, 6 May 2011

Confronting Condolezza Rice as a war criminal at Stanford

WAMMToday (The Blog of the Women Against Military Madness Media Committee), 13 May 2011

The comment about academic freedom is interesting in that it is used not only here at Stanford to justify Condie speaking. I have also seen it used in other settings to condone talks by people like Condie who are not speaking about the topic they need to be held accountable for, but somehow it is OK because their talk or speech comes under the “academic freedom” rubric, and the greater moral wrong is ignored, shoved under the carpet. Which is why a woman like this speaker is great. She is very strong and refuses to be come ruffled by the comments thrown at her. Notice they did not escort her out immediately, but let her go on at some length.


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Flashback to 2007: “The blood of millions of Iraqis is on your hands”

20.05.2011 18:49

CODEPINK activist Desiree Anita Ali-Fairooz shouts 'The blood of millions of Iraqis is on your hands' at Condoleezza Rice, as she arrives to testify on Capitol Hill in Washington, before the House Foreign Relations Committee hearing regarding US policy in the Middle East, 24 October 2007



21.05.2011 08:12

I can't help but think that any positive steps taken by this woman have been undone by the fact that the author repeatedly refers to the American people as 'sheeple'.

Any widespread democratic social change will have to happen with the consent and participation of the vast majority of people - slagging them off seems to be the wrong way to go about persuading them.

I've seen this arrogant 'us activists are better than the rest of you' stuff before. Examples include anti-consumerist 'zombie' actions - the underlying message being that 'consumers' are brain dead and need to be mocked.

I've seen the same attitude displayed numerous times in my time as a politically active person (and probably displayed it myself, before I realised how arrogant and holier than thou it makes us look).

The woman who yelled at Condi did a good thing - but the people around her aren't sheep, and labellumg them as such will only make us look like an arrogand vanguard of self righteous dickheads, and drive people further from our cause.

Town End boy