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Global week of action against Air France-KLM: 27 May - 3 June

Gateway to Hell | 14.05.2011 14:38 | Animal Liberation | Bio-technology | World

Air France-KLM are the number one transporter of laboratory animals worldwide and for this reason they are the target of a global animal rights campaign!

What will you do?
What will you do?

The next global week of action has been called between Friday 27th of March and Friday 3rd of June, and during this week activists across the world will be taking action in a variety of ways to demand Air France-KLM stop transporting innocent animals to laboratories. But, will there be an action near YOU?

Air France-KLM provide a vital link in the vivisection chain by transporting animals from breeding farms on one side of the planet to laboratories on the other. If we are serious about ending animal experimentation then we must cut the supply of animals. The campaign can provide leaflets and posters, however only YOU can organise an event in your region for this important week of action!

A few ideas for actions you can take during the week of action to stop Air France-KLM transporting animals are listed below:

Air France-KLM have offices across the USA. The campaign can help you track your local office and also supply you with leaflets and posters, all you need to do is grab the bullhorns and give 'em hell!

Information Stands:
Why not organise an information stand or a leafleting action and collect signatures on a petition condemning Air France-KLM for transporting animals?

Tourist Outreach:
Information actions in touristic areas can be very effective against companies such as Air France-KLM because tourists represent a large share of their business, making Tourist Outreach a very effective tactic. A good example of effective Tourist Outreach can be seen here:

Theatrical Protests:
Theatrical actions are very effective at communicating a message, a good example was the recent action by the Italian group Fermare Greenhill in their struggle to close the Marshall Farms beagle factory, 'Greenhill', in Italy:

Fly-posting actions:
Pasting posters in support of the campaign is an effective way to inform people about Air France-KLM's support of the vivisection industry. It's also an action that one person can do alone. A good example of fly-posting can be seen here:

The Gateway to Hell campaign is run by volunteers and funded by donations which pay for the leaflets and posters the campaign supplies. First and foremost what we ask for from our supporters is action, but if you're physically unable to participate in the campaign then please consider making a financial donation to assist the cause:

Every action and every activist is important to this campaign, and with your support we will continue to pressure Air France-KLM until ALL companies in the Air France-KLM Group cease the transport of ALL species of animals destined for laboratories!

For any questions, requests or news articles, we can be contacted here:

Until all are free,
Gateway to Hell


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