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Notts Uncut: Still Protesting (Nottingham Indymedia + Notts Uncut) | 13.05.2011 19:55

On the day of the royal wedding, Notts Uncut had its Facebook profile deleted along with around 50 political groups. Despite this apparently politically motivated move, the group has continued its protests against tax dodging companies, returning to Nottingham city centre on 30th April and going further afield to Lincoln on Saturday 7th May to link up with a newly formed group there.

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Notts Uncut History

Notts Uncut has come a long way since it’s humble beginings in November 2010, when inspired by the UK Uncut action in October a small handful of protesters demonstrated outside Clumber St Vodafone. Since then Notts Uncut has grown in numbers and has taken a number of actions against tax avoiding corporations and banks in Nottingham,

Notts Uncut follows the UK Uncut philosophy of peaceful, creative protest to highlight the con-dem government’s lies about the cuts. The government is telling us that there is no money to run essential services that benefit the most vulnerable people in our society. Local government funding cuts mean that in Nottingham homeless shelters and women’s refuges are closing. Services to support elderly and disabled people are being cut or introducing charges making it impossible for many people to access these services. Organisations who support people with mental health issues and drug and alcohol dependancy are having their funding cut to the extent that they are having to close. In addition to this benefits are being cut and entitlement conditions changed, the NHS is under attack and public sector jobs and pensions are being decimated. We say that these cuts are ideological and the deficit is being used as an excuse – in reality, if the government collected the £120 billion in uncollected, avoided and evaded taxes from wealthy individuals and companies this would eradicate any deficit.

In Nottingham we have held regular protests outside Vodafone, Topshop and Boots. We have also converted Natwest bank into “The Big Society Reading Room” and established a homeless shelter within Barclays Bank. People are starting to listen to us. Questions have been asked in the House of Commons and newspaper such as The Guardian and The Independant have run stories on our protests.

(From the Notts Uncut website.) (Nottingham Indymedia + Notts Uncut)