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on the Island of Dissidents in Spring Time

dissidentisland [at] riseup [dot] net (dissident chickpea) | 13.05.2011 12:55 | London

Dissident Island Radio has been having a pretty active spring so far - with several shows, parties (both past and upcoming) as well as organising a new and exciting project - Catalyst Radio! Read more...

Dissident Island is definitely an idyllic place, but never that quiet or lazy, especially in the spring and summer months! Here's the low-down on what the islanders have been up to recently:

Recent Shows

March 18 - the Sex Workers' Special - [download here]

We'd been researching and reading up on the topic of Sex Work and radical political conceptions of it for awhile. We came to the show from a political perspective informed by sex work as labour, looking to explore the questions of working conditions, organisation and such from a position that the vast majority of workers have a choice – agency – in regards the work they do. To take a sex-positive, feminist approach towards sex-work is in hopes of promoting the idea that sexual freedom is an essential component of freedom for all people – and on the flip side that women’s liberation is locked into the liberation of all from patriarchy. But it is important to state, for the record, that we did/do not intend to deny that exploitation happens – it does, just like exploitation of workers in many other ways and industries...but in our show, we wanted to move away from the victim paradigm which is very prevalent in reformist/abolitionist feminist discussions of sex work and is then used to further racist, xenophobic, moralistic governmental agendas that have more to do with control and less to do with protecting anyone, let alone victims. The show featured words from Ava Caradona, one of x:talk, discussing sex work and border regimes. Claire spoke candidly and honestly about her experiences of the vulnerabilities of working in different sex work settings. And Luca, a queer sex worker, political activist, and Open Sex Workers' University organiser, talking about his experiences and politics. The show also featured some whoretastic music, announcements, and banter. Finishing off the evening we had a back-to-back Danzchlag set from Shibby Shitegeist and Bunni Splanchnik.

March 26 - x26 radio

Dissident Island, and a bunch of other awesome radio producers and techs, got together to bring you x26 radio, live and direct all day on March 26, featuring audio updates and interviews from the marches/protests/riots/actions that were happening all over the city of London. In case you missed it, you can check out the archives: 10am-2pm :, 2pm-5pm :, 5pm-6pm:, 6pm-7pm:, 7pm-8pm:

April 1 - [download here]

We we all feeling a bit hungover from organising x26 radio so had a bit of a reflective show - and asked some folks from various groups who were out and about on March 26 to give a bit of analysis on the London anti cuts demos and mobilisations - asking important questions like "how many anarchists does it take to break a window?" We also had an interview with the Deptford's Social Centre Plus collective on their up and coming workshop days, and some breaking news updates. Aside from the usual banter and awesome tracks, laying down phat beats was the mighty Kwerk, mashing out experimental sounds of recycled noise.

April 15 - [download here]

Our 80th episode! We heard from folks organising the Temporary Autonomous Arts weekender of exhibitions and events. Our friends, the WAG, announced dissolving their group and the formation of ALARM, with the meeting set for May 15. Dean discussed the latest on the Ian Tomlinson inquest and the Counter Olympics Network discussed points objecting to the upcoming Olympic Games, and the devastation of east London. We also got to hear from the London Mexico Solidarity Group on happenings in Chiapas and beyond. To end, good ole' Freddy Frog, with some bangin' clownstep, played is out...

May 6th - [download here]

The show featured audio and interviews straight from the streets of Berlin Mayday, highlighting a tradition that's still as strong as ever. A member of the Advisory Service for Squatters came into the studio for an interesting discussion with Night Hawk in regards recent parliamentary debates on outlawing squatting in England & Wales, doing a lot to quell the fears of squatters that this is something imminent as well as highlighting the campaigns around the issue that are starting to organise (see S.Q.U.A.S.H.) We heard a (rather long) anarchist critique of democracy, courtesy of audio anarchy, followed by a lot of laughs and the usually craptastic edition of "Hot Topic" - this time featuring a discussion on the recent AV vote. DJ Hue Jah Fink came in to play a live set...wicked stuff.

What's next?

Make sure to check out our next show, on May 20. Check our website or IMC London for more info on that soon...

Introducing...Catalyst Radio!

UK radio collectives and producers, techs and friends are currently collaborating to bring the UK's first ever radical radio network and 24/7 political radio station! Featuring UK generated audio, and independent music, we're currently aiming to launch the project on June 11. Once it is live, it'll feature a 24/7 internet radio stream, a one-stop shop for all your radio needs! We're looking for people to get involved, in particular content providers (so if you've got a podcast that you want to get on the schedule) and techs (any CSS designers out there?) or anyone with ideas and input, contact'll be writing more about it in the weeks to come...


D*I is always up for throwing a good party, and we were chuffed, along with Green & Black Cross, to see the ratstAr in Camberwell packed out on March 6, everyone having a wicked time, dancing in one of the two rooms, featuring sound systems from coltech and siren, and an impressive DJ line-up. Many thanks to everyone who came down and helped raise much needed funds for both G&B Cross and D*I Radio, and thanks to the ratstAr for the space and being the kick-ass social centre that it is...

We've got some upcoming parties and dates for your diary, namely...

Danzshlag - May 20 - secret east london location - [event page]

Someone else is throwing us a party! That's a first! Danzshlag, are putting together an eclectic DJ line-up, audio-visuals and more, to help Dissident Island raise funds for some much needed equipment for our studio. This is an RSVP-only event, so make sure you send an email to if you want to get in on the good times and drink some dissident mojitos on the porch in the last hours of the day's sunlight...

Acoustic Insurgency - June 26 - the Grosvenor, Stockwell

Dissident Island will be hosting June's Acoustic Insurgency. We're currently working on the line-up, and will be posting information soon. Entry is £5, with all proceeds going towards the brand spanking new Catalyst Radio network

Hackney Solidarity - July 16 - the Victoria, Dalston

Dissident Island will be hosting July's Hackney Solidarity benefit night, again to raise funds for the Catalyst Radio network. We've got a couple bands planned, maybe a DJ or two to end. It's gonna be fun. So come party with us...

Besides the above, you might see us around town, at demonstrations and the critical mass rides, with a soundsystem in tow...That's it for now. Here's your local, DIY radio crew, over and out. Safe.

-dissident chickpea

dissidentisland [at] riseup [dot] net (dissident chickpea)
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