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Urgent: Stop IBC's Primate Shipment to USA

NAVA | 12.05.2011 19:38 | Animal Liberation | Bio-technology | Birmingham


Florida-based charier airline IBC Airways are due to transport a shipment of primates from St Kitts to Miami International Airport, USA, for use in vivisection laboratories.

Please contact them and urge them to cancel the flight:

690 Southwest 34th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315-3628
Tel: 1.954.848.2300,,,,,,



To Whom It May Concern, IBC Airways,
I am contacting you to urge your company to cancel the planned shipment of primates from St Kitts to Miami.

If this flight goes ahead, these sentient animals will live the rest of their pitiful lives locked inside a barren laboraty cage and subject to archaic experiments. This is a far cry from their natural home.

In psychology research primates have electrodes implanted into their skulls, whilst being forced to perform repetetive tasks. Other experiments include strapping monkeys into restraint chairs and poisoning them to death.

Please cancel the flight!
Yours Sincerely,

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You Did It - IBC Cancel Primate Flight!

12.05.2011 23:42

Only a few hours ago we released the details of IBC Airways, a charter airline who were due to transport primates from the Caribbean Island of St Kitts to the USA for vivisection.

Thanks to all your efforts, this will no longer be happening. Erin Melder at IBC has this afternoon confirmed that the company will no longer be conducting the flight!

Thanks to everybody who took action and emailed IBC. As the transport of animals for laboratories becomes more and more difficult, we fight on to win the battle for change.

For the animals,

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