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Brighton (& Nazis)

'Malatesta' | 02.05.2011 08:18 | Anti-racism | South Coast | World

A report on Brighton Mayday and update on the far-right.

Crivvens! Off down to Brighton again this weekend (Hove actually) for Nanatesta’s birthday but had to borrow her bike to go and see what was happening with the mayday protests for a couple of hours. The RV point was announced over the net and was at West Pier at 12 and from there various groups split off or were operating independently throughout the day. By the time we arrived at 1.30, a contingent of anarchists and other protestors were kettled in at Pavilion Gardens – much to the annoyance of the outdoor diners there. There was 1 lad arrested and dragged to a waiting van where he was harassed by 2 cops and had his head pulled back by his hair to get his mug shot. We observed through the windows. By this time the city centre was blocked not by the protest but by the vast amount of cop vehicles: if anyone is guilty of disrupting traffic and ‘affecting business’ (as if we should care about ‘business’) it was plod.

After what seemed like some tenuous negotiations, plod let the protestors into the gardens where they got a standing ovation from some of the punters there. Prior to this some plod were stood down. The protestors then took off on a run past the library with the cops wheezing after them. The cops hated it. The mob then ran down to the Level and after running through side streets ended up near the station. By now the numbers had increased. A few members of the EDL’s Weight Watchers division up the road chanted from behind a thick line of cops. How brave. Instead of fighting ‘Muslamic Extremism’ they should fight Calorific Extremism. Plod had blocked off access so the anarchists went back down to the lanes. Then your correspondent had to tactically withdraw back to Nanatesta’s and all the little Minitesta’s for tea.

The tactic of small, mobile groups of militants frustrates the cops immensely and it is an extremely useful one. They had 3 layers of uniform and riot helmets on, were knackered and sweating profusely. Most protestors were in t-shirts and in a lot better shape than the plump plod ranks. Sussex police had overreacted and clogged Brighton with their vans, motorbikes, horses and cars. Any blame for blocking traffic is theirs: don’t they know about Park & Ride? The copper chopper was in the air for hours and sirens were going off all over the shop. At last weeks’ Lurch For England fat-fest it was possible to witness a blossoming romance between Sussex plod and the March For England – whose slogan must surely be ‘We’re not EDL or BNP! We’re both!’ Plod were aggressive towards anti-fascists – or locals, compared to the bussed in MfE – and ignored missiles and abusive chanting from the EDL. OB were nervous but cautious this time and it was hilarious to see so many of them getting the run-around earning their overtime the hard way. Well done to the fleet footed protestors. Sussex bill clearly doubt their abilities to police these things. They brought in plod from Kent and Lewes and also admitted there were cops from the Met there. Why? FIT cops were much in evidence and some ordinary coppers on the hoof were seen with digital film cameras – which no doubt will produce some out of focus wobbly images. They lost control and the protestors – merely by being a few stone lighter – easily outmanoeuvred them. Here’s 2 words for Sussex police – Jazz-ercise!

Meanwhile …
It has been a bit of a week for the far right in the run-up to the local elections. The BNP have made so many blunders this week that it’s almost embarrassing to document them. But we will anyway. In case you don’t know the BNP is currently fragmenting at a pace: Nick Griffclops is still ostensibly in control but this week lanky veteran Nazi Richard Edmonds has issued a leadership challenge. Edmonds is a Tyndallite fascist, full of piss and vinegar signifying nothing, old school and washed up. Griffin need not worry, the old geezer is about 90. Eddy Butler is still on the fringes urging reform within the BNP but is generally insignificant. The ousted and exiled BNP lot on the fringes, like Batty Lee Barnes are looking increasingly desperate and many are shuttling off to join the English Democrats, a sort of more unpleasant UKIP and without the baggage of holocaust denial and general fascism that the BNP are forever tainted with. The fluffy fascist British Freedom are flat-lining.

Kieran Trent, the much vaunted rising star of the BNP’s youth wing, has had a terrible week. Little Twunt has been having an affair with Cheryl ‘Well’ Dunn and was on the receiving end of a pasting from her ex, who is now in prison. Chezzer’s ex is a fairly ‘colourful’ (though mostly white!) character called Peter King who she claims was abusive towards her and her kids as well as a previous partner. Twunt has also been pictured giving ‘a Roman salute’ – which his supporters have claimed is a photo-shopped Searchlight plot. Twunt is depicted looking straight at the camera with his right arm fully outstretched in the classic Hitler pose. No amount of ‘it must have been taken out of context’ justifies this. He’s a Nazi! He has also been depicted in front of ‘White Pride’ and loyalist flags and also with BNP ‘defector’ Chris Beverley holding English Democrat propaganda. Is he a little confused? There is a particularly scabrous slanging match on VNN UK Nazi forum between Cheryl and her detractors which is most amusing. Read all about it!

Guns & Poses
Although researching fascist activity is depressing at times, it is the infighting, hypocrisy and general insanity of their views that makes it worthwhile. Especially the Twunt story. And their woes continue. Last weekend the BNP held a Saint George’s weekend gathering in Yorkshire where 1 of their number arrived with a cache of replica weapons. Several BNP candidates were photographed with the guns. Not content with posing like retarded Rambo’s, Simon Goodricke, Yorkshire ‘organiser,’ Gary Tumulty, Salford ‘organiser,’ and BNP candidate Darren Lumb were also photographed bearing their fat arses for all to see. Check it out if you have the stomach for it (and these charmers certainly have plenty of stomach)
And all this before the local elections. Not only that, but North East BNP official Adam Walker was arrested for GBH and affray after going mental in his Land Rover and threatening some kids after ‘having strong drink taken’. This was his 2nd arrest in a week. It’s almost as if they don’t want to be elected.

Rings of Steel
In case you hadn’t noticed, 2 benefit scroungers were hitched at the taxpayers expense this week. The ineffectual paper mullahs of the Muslims Against Crusades had made threatening noises about disrupting it – they always make noise but never seem to do anything. The English Defence League stepped up to the mark and promised a ‘ring of steel’ around London to protect the Royal do. How you form a ‘ring’ round London with only 7 of you is difficult to figure. And all has not been well with the EDL either. Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Caxley-Trousers is under increasing pressure from all sides and has done a runner – not even helping out with the ‘rings of steel.’ Their Facebook pages have been hacked and thrown them into disarray with bogus pages being set up by provocateurs. Naughty. Also, a Facebook statement from This Is The People And The People Want Answers is demanding information from the EDL leadership which has been posted and subsequently deleted – although it is here Urban 75:
It is a demand for clarification on numerous issues, primarily the money. There are questions over the whereabouts of the ‘Stoke Damage fund,’ the money for the Snowy and Leon defence fund as well as the money that was raised and then refused by the Soldiers Off Our Streets charity. They do not mention the money raised for ‘political prisoner’ Richard Price who was arrested for crack and cocaine possession as well as the not insignificant matter of child pornography. The EDL block is fragmenting: after the Blackburn brawl the North West and North East Infidels set up as rival groups and are competing with March For England and English Nationalist Alliance for membership and spoils. Caxley-Trousers, ‘Cocaine’ Kev Carol and Guramit Singh have all been very quiet and we all await their statements as the situation increasingly spins out of control. Where’s the money Tommy?

ps: what is happening with posting on Indymedia?

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