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Another Week - Another Bristol Riot

event horizon | 30.04.2011 11:40

Bristol again erupted into Riot on Thursday eve and Friday morning. The Police drafted in Police from around the U.K, while continuing to try and maintain the lie that the Riots are the work of a handful of yobs. They deal with yobs every weekend, and manage to maintain order within their normal budget.

So the disconnect between truth and reality is spelled out is shiny National neon lighting, that you don't need a National Police Operation to deal with a handful of yobs. They lost control, and could not regain it without National assistance. Once the National Police they've drafted in are gone, they're all on their incapable todd again.

At some point Riots will spread around the U.K, and they will become painfully overstretched. The lies that we are now hearing from the various powers regarding events in Bristol sound more like the deluded utterings of Middle Eastern Dictators as they live in denial of the growing dissillusionment of REAL PEOPLE.


Some Links:

"It kicked off again last night, for sure. If anyone's still under the impression that this has all been about Tescos, this should make it even clearer that people are angry at the police as an institution, & ready to take the chance to fight back."

"Update on situation on Croft. Battle for the roof of Telepathic Heights ongoing. Police climbing team in attendence. Snatch squads active on the ground snatching folks they don't like the look of under the premise that they believe them to have been involved in violent disorder... Prisoners being taken to Southmead pig sty because Trinity full of last nights lot"

"The Guardian... have a link about events in Stokes Croft last night and this morning... Anyone reading this... would be left with completely the wrong impression as to what happened... Tesco was not petrol-bombed as the article claims, but people from round the country reading the mainstream media will misled over what happened and why the police acted as they did."

Photos of Police Eviction of Telepathic Heights

"The helicopter's still up, so it must still be rocking out there at 3.20am... Runing battles all the way up cheltenham road as far as the new sainsburys.. lots of horse charges met with street furniture..... and back in st pauls Burning baricades on brigstoke road. Youth of all flavours turning out to give the filth a good belt. Police obviously a bit shy in our neighbourhoods."

"The evening in Stokes Croft started with a spontaneous gathering to a sound system playing from the first floor window of the squat Telepathic Heights. People gathered outside the squat and opposite, just slightly down from Tescos (now completely boarded up and still closed)."

event horizon