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Press Release - Mayday Mass Party and Protest in Brighton - Saturday 30th April

Danny Beltane | 29.04.2011 12:13 | Smash EDO | Globalisation | Public sector cuts | Workers' Movements | South Coast | World

While bankers are rewarding themselves with taxpayer funded bonuses and the royals are forcing us to pay for their weddings, ordinary people are facing an attack on their lives, massive cuts to jobs, benefits and the services they rely on. In response to this, on Saturday 30th April, people will gather at an undisclosed Brighton location to celebrate May Day, a day to stand up for workers' rights and resist oppression, capitalism and the elites who benefit from them.
A critical mass bike ride will be held at 10.30am at The Level.

The main starting point for the demonstration will be announced at 12 noon via Twitter and

Local groups; Brighton Benefits Campaign, Brighton Anarchist Black Cross, Smash EDO , South Coast Climate Camp, Sussex Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), No Borders Brighton, Squatters Network of Brighton, Brighton Antifascists, Brighton Hunt Saboteurs, Brighton Uncut, Queer Mutiny have formed the Brighton Mayday collective to make Saturday 30th April a carnival of resistance.

Danny Beltane, of the Brighton Mayday collective said "Today our lives are under attack. Our future is being sacrificed to increase the power of an elite. The bankers’ crisis is being used as an excuse to push through a right-wing agenda of vicious cuts – cuts which will hurt the poorest and line the pockets of the rich. The NHS, Education and Welfare systems are being stripped back while the bankers are being paid million pound bonuses.

Their only answer to the disaster is more of the same, capitalism with the gloves off. More wars, more ecological devastation and we’re being asked to pay for it. We are being robbed blind – it’s time to reclaim what is ours."

Chloe Marsh, of Smash EDO said "Resistance to the arms industry is a vital part of the struggle against capitalism and the fight against capitalism is an attack on the basic strength of the arms industry"

Sussex IWW: "May Day is the historical declaration of working class struggle. This year Mayday has a new relevance, as the government arrogantly and shamelessly starts to dismantle the gains made by ordinary people to better their working conditions."

Brighton Uncut: "Big corporations are feted and relieved from having to pay their taxes in full. While politicians the world over, in the thrall of multinationals, are cutting public services to address the deficits caused by bailing out the corporations."

Student from the University of Brighton: "We must stand united for workers and students rights, for they are one and the same."

Brighton College Student: "The student protests of last year were just the beginning, they showed us all that resistance is possible, now is the time to finish what we started..."

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Mass party & protest. 30th April 2011. Central Brighton. Location and details TBA.

Regular updates from 11.30am by Twitter - @brightonmayday

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