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Brighton May Day- Only 3 Days to Go

Danny Beltane | 27.04.2011 21:11 | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | South Coast

A mass party & protest, called for by a coalition of Brighton protest groups, will kick off at midday on Saturday 30th April. It's main focus will be on the banks and politicians who gambled with our futures, but we may also pay a visit to some of Brighton's other less savoury locations such as arms factory EDO, tax dodgers Top Shop and properties owned by local landlord and thug Nicolas van Hoogstraten.

The start location will be announced on the day via Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress and as a message on the May Day phone. There will also be a critical mass starting from the level at 10.30am, which will make it's way to the start point of the main demo.

Expect a carnival atmosphere in the true tradition of May Day. Bring colour and noise, and be prepared to stay mobile. More details coming soon...

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