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Invitation: Royal Zombie Wedding Celebration & Flash Mob

RM | 26.04.2011 21:08 | Health | Public sector cuts | World

Queer Resistance - the UK anti cuts LGBTQI collective - invite you to a Royal Zombie Wedding Celebration & Flash Mob on Friday 29th April

Royal Zombie Celebration & Flash Mob
Royal Zombie Celebration & Flash Mob

10am 29th April 2011 - Soho Square, London - Get Zombified (bring your costumes and make up), have wedding breakfast followed by fun and frolics with all the other zombies

1pm Soho Square - Queer performances, music, art & poetry whilst preparing for Flash Mob!

Your Majesties, in honour of your nuptials your loyal undead subjects shamble with you into a new era of cuts and decay. Our gifts to you on this glorious day… Great gory chunks of our life-sustaining public services:

- HIV care & prevention services
- Domestic violence services
- Treatment referrals for transgender people
- Hate crime prevention & victim support
- Youth homelessness prevention
- Anti-homophobic bullying work in schools
- Support to under 18s at risk of sexual exploitation
- Rape crisis services
- Disability living allowance and housing benefit
- Pride funding and of course our tasty, tasty …. BRAAAAINZ!!!

Queer Resistance is a collective of queers and allies across the UK coming together to fight the cuts - including lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and queer folk.

Facebook Event:

On the day stray zombies and allies can stay in the loop via:

- Twitter: #RoyalZombieFlashMob
- Facebook Page:
- Text phone: 07804 067766

- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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